What happens when we fall asleep drunk?

Often after a drunken night, we fall asleep as soon as we put the pillow (if they reach the bed).But the next morning feeling terrible, although we slept long enough to be rested. Here’s how alcohol affects sleep:

First, us relax, which facilitates falling asleep. But no matter how much we seem to fall into a deep sleep, it is not true, because alcohol reduces the duration of REM sleep phase, which is the deep phase not right to feel rested in the morning. REM sleep is vital for good sleep and more cups we drank, the less it will last.

Alcohol can also suppress breathing, it creates a condition called sleep apnea. Specifically, can occur periods of a few seconds at night when breathing stops literally.

Sleeping apnea makes us even more exhausted in the morning, because it not only causes permanent awakening, but the brain has been truncated oxygen at night.

Moral – if you already drink, drink moderately or do not expect to wake up without a hangover dangerous.