Youtuber promises to make a sex tape once she reaches 1 million subscribers

From weird creepy videos where people put needles into dolls, to fake pranks and “social experiments”, to straight up doing pornography, Youtube is going off the rails and all we can do is grab the popcorn and enjoy the show.

This female Youtuber has promised to release a sex tape if she can reach one million subscribers. (Since there’s such a shortage of sex tapes on the internet…)

In the video below, she explains why she’s doing it and it’s definitely seems to be working as the video has already got over 8 million views so far.

She makes the distinction between her plans and “doing porn” in the traditional sense, stating she would be making and releasing her tape with somebody that she knows, instead of working with a professional.

 After the “formal announcement”, she proceeds to bend over in order to give her viewers “A little preview.” She really wants to do this, and she wants you to help make her famous in the process.

“I have been approached to do porn multiple times in the past year. It’s not something I’ve been interested in or tempted by. I don’t want to do porn. But a sextape with someone that I’m seeing? That seems cool to me!”

Her channel’s nearing 700000 subscribers already. Looks like a lot of people are actually this perverted.