Kanye STOPPED Kim to get out in public

Few days ago was held Angel Ball in New York, where he paid tribute to Robert Kardashian, the late father of Kim Courtney, Chloe and Rob. At the ball, appeared Courtney and Chloe in long formal dresses, along with their mother, Chris, who spoke and cried during a speech to her former husband.

On the ball was supposed to appear and Kim, who decided to honor her father to appear in public after the theft in Paris. But Kanije and change plans.

Namely, he called the ambulance while being housed in a hotel in Los Angeles due to a nervous breakdown, but its officials say it is only “for his health and safety.” Kim immediately went to Los Angeles after Kante phoned to announce that its condition.

However, doubts are still here, given that other Kanije canceled tour, from which so far held 21 concerts.

– He’s just tired. Worked hard to fashion designs for its line and the line of Adidas. Also, since what survived his wife, every moment was not until it was just an added stress. The family is most important, says a close friend.