The Woman Who Implemented Obamacare Reveals Disturbing Truth

Marilyn Tavenner was charged with rolling out the Affordable Care Act, AKA Obamacare, by the Obama administration.

However, Tavenner defected from the Obama administration and has since gone to work as the president and chief executive of America’s Health Insurance Plans.

Now that she is no longer a federal employee, Tavenner is speaking out and has predicted that 2017 will see a much higher increase in premiums for consumers. She told Morning Consult, “I think the overall trend is going to be higher than we saw previous years. That’s my big prediction.

Tavenner explained that there were several factors for the surge in premium costs, and one of those factors happens to be Obamacare itself.

Obamacare’s efforts to force insurance companies to cover the cost of pre-existing conditions, has an real effect on the bottom line of insurance companies.

This higher cost was supposed to have been offset by young, healthy individuals but that is just not happening while others have opted out of purchasing insurance all together.

In the end insurance companies are left unable to offset cost, having to pick up the tab and as a result are forced to increase premiums.

Obamacare has robbed the American people of more of their hard earned money and failed to provide accessible healthcare for all. The very woman who was in charge of rolling out Obamacare is now speaking out and admitting that it’s only getting worse as time goes on.

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