Whoopi Goldberg Possibly To Be Fired By ABC.. This Is The Moment We’ve Been Waiting For

After Whoopi Goldberg handed ABC executives a ridiculous list of demands in order for her to return on The View, her career could be coming to an end.

Daily Mail reported that Whoopi is demanding at least a $1.5 million raise, bringing her total salary to $3.5 million. She also requested for one ABC executive to be taken off the show.

“She blames this person for trying to turn The View into Good Morning America with the rotating hosts and contributors and doesn’t want that exec involved in the show anymore,” a source revealed.

In addition to those lofty requests, Whoopi also reportedly wants an executive producer credit.

“She is tired of having to answer to people that she doesn’t feel like are worthy of their positions,” the source continued. “So she wants to be an executive producer of the show so that she has a seat at the decision-making table and can have more control of the things going on.”

“She feels that she helped this show turn the corner again in the ratings and knows she plays a huge factor in its success. She wants them to pay her what she thinks she’s worth, despite the fact the network is crying budget concerns,” the source concluded.

What do you think? Is Whoopi clearly delusional?