WATCH: DRUNK Trump-Hating Senator Questions CIA & NSA Directors, Gets BUSTED Big Time

Trump-hating Senator Jack Reed (D-RI), the ranking member of Armed Services Committee, returned from a lunch break totally inebriated and insisted on questioning the CIA and NSA directors. He slurred his words and went on a bizarre tirade about whacky Russian conspiracy theories, clearly suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome, as those present try not to laugh out loud. Well, after enduring his drunkenness for a few minutes, Senator Reed got busted, big time.

Trump Derangement Syndrome is bad enough, but suffering from “TDS” and being drunk is horrible. That is exactly what happened to Democratic Senator Jack Reed who had clearly indulged in a liquid lunch, then refused to “stand down” when it came time for him to question all the top Intelligence Community directors.

Reed was on a mission, and that mission was to get to the bottom of the Russians allegedly taking over our democracy and making Donald Trump our president. As The Conservative Treehouse reports, “Senator Jack Reed (D-RI), ranking member of Armed Services Committee, began his mid-day sluration with a ‘resist-we-much’ effort to continue the vast White House Russian conspiracy narrative.”

They add, “He slowly morphed into a weirdly-sounding intoxicated demand for the NSA, CIA and intelligence officers to give him specific examples of their efforts to combat quantum cyber-intelligence operations. Eventually, ODNI Dan Coats grabbed the wheel and stopped Senator Reed from going full ‘Chappaquiddick.’”

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