VIDEO: CBS Reporter Tries to Embarrass Ivanka Trump, IMMEDIATELY Regrets it!

Ivanka Trump is making her way to the top by becoming one of the most successful and powerful women in America. She is a multitalented, smart and smart individual who is full of potential.

This makes her a target for the liberal media and they constantly try to bring her down. But being the powerful and strong woman she is, she is not backing down. After all, she takes up after her father. Good for you Ivanka.

Ivanka was recently interviewed by Gayle King, a CBS reporter, in which she was attacked. Gayle tried to make Ivanka feel bad about her father by asking if she felt “complicit” with how President Trump was “handling” his place at the White House. Ivanka’s response was sharp, quick and made Gayle wish she never took it that far. She completely humiliated her on her own show.