UPDATE: Two Clinton Employees Arrested For Destroying Evidence As Uranium Probe Begins

Hillary Clinton is really worried  about something. On Monday afternoon, FBI and local law enforcement surrounded a Clinton Foundation office in Ettleboro, North Dakota.

Recently, Hillary Clinton was ordered by Congress to preserve all records related to her sale of Uranium to Russia when she was Secretary of State, and law enforcement received a tip that some of her underlings were not obeying that order. Breitbart News reports:

Authorities arrested Jon Crawford, 23, and Elizabeth Palmer, 27, for allegedly tampering with evidence. The FBI received a tip from within the Clinton Foundation office that some staffers were shredding documents and that two hard drives had been taken from the office in defiance of the order from the Congressional Committee.

The hard drives were found in Palmer’s home behind a nightstand.

Palmer and Crawford each face up to five years in prison for destroying evidence, though “the door is open” to more charges if more evidence that Hillary Clinton colluded with Russia surfaces.

Let this be a lesson to all Democrat co-conspirators: we will catch you and you will live your lives behind bars.