Trump Just Made Sure ‘Fake News’ In America Stops NOW.

President Trump just signed executive order 4098937Y71 this morning which makes fake news illegal in all 50 states. If a broadcast station, publication or website publishes news deemed fake by the White House Center For Truth In Reporting Office, which was set up by the order, that outlet will face fines, suspension of their license and even prison sentences for reporters and writers looking to make a quick buck or fool people for fun.

The order is effective immediately. Reports from Atlanta say CNN is in a race to review everything they’re set to broadcast for the day while Fox News is smiling and waving and continuing to tell the whole truth. The New York Times has already pulled more than 800 articles from their web server that could possibly be used against them. Four online liberal rags, including the massive “Occupy Democrats,” have announced they will cease operations until they can re-format.

This is great news for conservatives who are repeatedly fed stories of a sensational nature by liberal trolls to see how they’ll react. They don’t seem to have anything better to do with their time since they don’t have jobs and it’s lonely in mom’s basement.

Thank you and God Bless you President Trump!