Trey Gowdy Comes Out Of Coma-Can’t Identify Attacker…Or Anyone Else

Trey Gowdy came out of his coma early this morning with bad news for investigators. Not only could he not remember who attacked him, he couldn’t remember anything at all. After learning his name and who he is, he decided to ask for privacy while he tried to recover.

Doctors say his amnesia is either from the trauma he sustained at the hands of his captors or a dissociative coping mechanism. Either case will most likely cure itself. Gowdy’s issue will be being fit to serve in Congress if it takes him a substantive amount of time to recover his memory.

Meanwhile, there is no progress at all in the case of who did this to Gowdy or why. The Clintons are happily sipping tea in upstate New York and the press is behaving like there’s nothing going on. The assassin who managed to abduct a Congressman from a private hall inside the Capito, torture him and dump him less than 4 hours later without being seen for a split second by anyone has a remarkable skill set but needs to be apprehended.

South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster says the state will stand by its rep as long as possible.