Street Artist Mocks Jimmy Kimmel With Teary-Eyed ‘Cry Baby’ Posters

Rogue conservative street artist Sabo mocked late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel as a ‘cry baby’ in a new series of street art posters earlier this week.

Kimmel has become a liberal darling ever since he used his family as a prop to advocate against Obamacare repeal, and he’s now being cheered on even further as he makes inane teary-eyed arguments for gun control.

The alleged comedian broke down in tears, telling Republicans they were responsible for the Las Vegas massacre that took the lives of 58 people.

“They should be praying for God to forgive them for letting the gun lobby run this country,” he whimpered.

Liberal media fawned that Kimmel’s crocodile tears made him some sort of expert on gun policy, with CNN reaching peak idiocy by labeling him the ‘conscience of America.’

Sabo cut through the nonsense, posting a series of images on the streets of Los Angeles portraying Kimmel as Johnny Depp’s character in the 1990 movie “Cry Baby.”

“We allow Jimmy Kimmel into our homes because at one point we considered him to be entertaining,” Sabo said. “Now he’s nothing more than a talking head for the Democrat party.”

Other pieces mocked Kimmel, former host of a sophomoric Comedy Central show in the early 2000s best known for featuring women jumping on trampolines, as being the host of a faux new show called ‘The Estrogen Hour.’