As Star Spangled Banner Finished Playing, Trump Stepped Up And Did Something JAW DROPPING

After having breakfast with his beautiful family, as Liberty Writers state, our president will join our military. Alongside Melania, he will go on a picnic with the men and women protecting our country. It will be a whole weekend they will be spending in the fantastic Bedminster where they own a property.

Trump is scheduled a return to Washington on Monday, and will depart for a second trip on Wednesday.

Here is a brief moment of the fantastic experience:

It is surely great watching the firework show. Although this is a tradition for a long time, and many presidents have done it, some did miss it. For example, Barrack Obama cancelled it last year due to alleged bad weather forecasts, but nothing bad really happened. Maybe he was tired of doing good deeds after a few years.

Numerous events have already been held at the South Lawn since Trump’s presidency began. He is not looking like he’s slowing down at all. Here is what else he had to say:



This is also a great pleasure for the military families, maybe once in a lifetime chance to do this. The decades long tradition continues. Let’s see if the media can hate on this too… It would really be a shame.

Also let’s not forget about the effort Melania Trump put in a few months back, successfully organizing the Easter Egg Roll. It shows that the Trump family is here to serve for the greater good.