HE DID IT! The Senate Judiciary Committee Just Gave Neil Gorsuch His BIGGEST Win Yet!

Just minutes ago the Judge Neil Gorsuch became one MASSIVE step closer to being our next Supreme Court Justice! Donald Trump’s plan to restore America is WORKING!

The Senate Judiciary Committee voted 11-9 in favor of Gorsuch!

The Senate Judiciary Committee gets to decide on the viability of a Supreme Court Candidate. It looks to me like Judge Gorsuch fits the bill pretty nicely.



Unfortunately, it looks like the nasty Democrats are STILL planning on filibustering this very qualified judge. The sad part is, a qualified Judge has NEVER been filibustered in history! This could shake our very nation to it’s core with the ramifications.

This will force the Republicans to use the Nuclear option to get Gorsuch into the court.

This is also not preferred since it changes the voting rules of Justices to 51-49 instead of 60-40, meaning Democrats can use it next time too!

So now we need prayers and Shares. We need prayers for Neil Gorsuch to find his way into the Supreme Court and prayers for the Democrats that they find it in their hearts to NOT destroy our country and just let the Supreme Court work.