SCANDAL ALERT! Obama Changed This ONE Rule Just To SPY On Donald Trump!

Donald Trump was 100% right! Barack Obama DID make a massive rule change right before leaving office just to get away with spying on President Trump.

There was a longstanding rule that forced intelligence agencies to censor the names of Americans intercepted during monitoring on foreign nationals before passing them on.

According to the new report from, however, Obama made a last minuted switch up that allowed him to target Trump and his team!

Obama changed a key rule that allowed him to unmask and then share the names revealed with all of his top staff including, but not limited to, Susan Rice, John Brennan, and Loretta Lynch.

The report also alleges that some of the intercepted reports gathered between November and January concerned figures in Donald Trump’s transition team who were communicating with foreign nationals.

Luckily, however, the NSA is expected to hand over a full and detailed report to Congress soon revealing who and to what degree Obama abused this rule to spy on.

One source said,

“Wholesale access to unmasked incidental NSA intercepts essentially created the potential for spying on Americans overseas after the fact, which is exactly what our foreign intelligence arms are not supposed to be doing.”

This is a very SERIOUS accusation. If it is all true, and it seems more and more likely that it is, that means Obama violated the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution that protects Americans from unlawful and unreasonable search and seizures.

Of course, you and I both know the media will do their best to cover this up. That’s why it’s up to us to SHARE this truth everywhere!