REVEALED: The TRUTH About Why Joe And Mika Hate Trump — Romantic JEALOUSY

Just as we suspected, there is much more to the feud between President Trump and the half-witted cable news show hacks, Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough, than meets the eye. Muchmore…

A mole at MSNBC (we have them EVERYWHERE, libtards!) who is also the son of a close personal friend of President Trump has just revealed some blockbuster information to The Last Line of Defense. Apparently, Mika and President Trump have a bit of a “history.”

According to our exclusive source, Mika and President Trump met in New York City in 1999, soon after his divorce with Marla Maples was finalized. Mika, who was already married to her first husband, Jim Hoffer (shocking that he would be unfaithful, right?), was dancing suggestively at a night club and President Trump took notice.

He saw her across the room and thought she was hot, even though she was definitely too old at the time to be acting like that. Mika must have seen him looking at her because she came right over to our table and tried to sit on Donald’s lap. When he saw her up close, he was totally grossed out though. She’s been getting bad plastic surgery for decades and her face just looked…weird. Anyway, he told her to scram because he has really high standards.

But that’s when things got really weird.

Mika wasn’t having it. She lost it…started screaming that he [President Trump] couldn’t ever get a woman as sexy as her. It was so embarrassing and desperate! We all just laughed while security escorted her out. She really should be ashamed of herself though, because no grown woman should act like that.

So there you have it! All of this venom, over what? Looks like Special Snowflake Mika just can’t handle being rejected by a truly strong and powerful man. That’s why she’s with that little weenie Joe Scarborough… duuuuuuuuh!

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