Putin’s Reaction To MSNBC’s Megyn Kelly Is The Meaning Of “If Looks Could Kill” [VIDEO]

We talk all the time about the Russians. We talk about alleged connections of President Trump with the Russian elite. We never talk about how they feel about it. Russians were laughing at what the liberals do, but they ae getting really pissed. Why? Because they have nothing to do with it and it’s getting frustrating. Look Putin’s reactions after the liberal media made pressure with stupid questions:

Russian President Vladimir Putin became so angry at Megyn Kelly’s questions about Russian election interference Friday that he pulled his earpiece out twice Friday.

Megyn Kelly, now working for NBC News, was moderating a panel discussion in St. Petersburg when she asked Putin about United States intelligence agencies’ conclusions that Russia had interfered with the 2016 U.S. election.

Putin seemed to disingenuously and condescendingly praise Kelly before ripping out his ear piece.

“Everyone should take the American mass media’s role model. Megyn has been demonstrating today high class in her profession,” he said before alleging he didn’t know where the DNC leaks came from.

“…and what President Trump has been saying…just show me the quote where he said he won because of Russian intervention,” he finished before popping the ear piece back in. “I don’t remember him saying so.”

Kelly, not backing down, said, “[Trump] finally came around to say, ‘I think Russia did it’ and he said, ‘I don’t think he’ll do it again.’”

Putin smirked at Kelly, and said “this is not as simple as having an interview or writing an article in a newspaper” before pulling out the ear piece again.

“As for the interference, look at what your colleagues are doing in our country,” Putin remarked. “They have been deep down in our domestic policies doing what they want, enjoying themselves, on a systemic basis for many years.”


Donald Trump is innocent people, get over it. Donald Trump and Putin are both conservative patriots. They have the same policy and same thoughts about many things, for example, ISIS and the illegal immigration. This doesn’t make them allies or collaborators. They’re just conservative and Christians, this makes them the enemy to the liberal establishment and the mainstream media. Share this post to show how unprofessional the mainstream media is!