Outrage Sparks After Melania Trump Seen Doing This During Meeting With Pope

On Wednesday, Melania Trump joined the president and her stepdaughter Ivanka in meeting Pope Francis. Both Melania and Ivanka dressed in all black and wore veils for their very important meeting. The veil, also known as a mantilla, is traditionally worn by women as a sign of respect—of course, liberals are taking it as a sign that Melania favors Christianity over the Muslim faith.

After the meeting, liberals were quick to point out that Melania refused to wear a hijab in Saudi Arabia. Of course, that argument is ridiculous on many fronts, not the least of which is the fact that Saudi officials told the First Lady that wearing a headscarf was not necessary.

The two Trump women reported sat in an anteroom while Trump had his meeting with Pope Francis. Trump said his gift was “books from Martin Luther King. I think you’ll enjoy them. I hope you do.”

In a statement, the White House confirmed the set included five books, each one custom bound in a display case. The set also included a piece of granite from the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial in Washington.