One Of America’s Closest Allies Offers To Display ALL Of Our Confederate Monuments

America is walking down the dangerous path of forgetting our history. By removing Confederate monuments by the dozens, we’re showing that we’re willing to allow hundreds of thousands of soldiers to be dishonored and the truth about the South forgotten.

One of our closest allies, a country that has its own share of turmoil over land disputes and political differences has agreed to take all of the American Confederate monuments and display them in a park designed to honor the history of the people of the time, not the actions of the Dutch hundreds of years earlier.

Isreal will host the park in Tel-Aviv right next to the Shevilla monument to the German soldiers who blindly followed Hitler but repented before they died. The Israelis are a kind and forgiving people whose only desire is to get along with their neighbors and live their lives in peace on the land designated for them.

We could learn a lot from their tolerance. They live with Moslems who want them all dead and still they show no discrimination at all. The display of American Confederate monuments will show that they are a people not afraid of controversy who know the past can never be forgotten.