Obama Urges Voters To Reject ‘Politics Of Division’ As He Hits The Campaign Trail

On Thursday, Barack Hussein Obama hit the campaign trail for the first time since he left the Oval Office. He headed to New Jersey where he asked voters to reject the “Politics Of Division”. I wonder who he was talking about? Without mentioning his name, Barack Obama was blasting President Trump.

What did Barack Obama not understand about the 2016 presidential election? Apparently, NOTHING. We elected Donald Trump because we were sick and tired of the Barack Obama’s of the world. We didn’t want to keep his GLobalist agenda going. WE THE PEOPLE brought it to a halting stop. For all you simpletons, We built us our own Wall, and Hillary Clinton SLAMMED right into it!

“You’re going to send a message to the country and send a message to the world that we are rejecting a politics of division, we are rejecting a politics of fear, that we are embracing a politics that says everybody counts,” Mr Obama told a cheering crowd in Newark that chanted: “Four more years.”

We already did that Mr. President. Hence 2016

“You can’t take this election or any election for granted. I don’t know if you all noticed that, but you can’t take any election for granted,” he said.

We didn’t take the election for granted. We took it very seriously and elected a real leader. We elected someone who doesn’t go around apologizing for America and negotiating with the terrorist. We did a damn fine job at electing a real leader. By the looks of your half-empty stadium, you’re speaking too, the American people are sick of seeing you too! The American people are not stupid. When you hear about “White Racist” coming out of the woods, and voting for Donald Trump, and that’s the only reason he was elected… just ask them… where the hell we’re these racists when a black man was running and won two elections in a row?  They can’t answer you because they know the Democrats are the real leaders of the “Politics Of Division”