Obama Knew Everything: Barack’s House of Cards About to Come Crashing Down

Elder Patriot – The mainstream media matrix is doing its best to limit the public’s knowledge of the past president’s administration’s weaponization of the FBI and the DOJ for political purposes as they possibly can. 

If this doesn’t matter to you then you don’t deserve to live in this country.  But be aware that you are fomenting a political revolution to strip American patriots of their rights and you deserve their scorn, at least.

In one case the nation’s premier law enforcement agency destroyed evidence and passed out immunity deals like free cigarettes in Times Square in order to exonerate the past president’s preferred successor.  And all the while, the FBI was operating with the full approval, and under orders from, the Attorney General of the United States and with guidance from her highest level associates within the DOJ.

In a second instance both agencies fabricated and publicized a wholly unwarranted probe into the past president’s preferred successor’s challenger.

This is all going to crash down upon that president because Congress has evidence that the President of the United States might have orchestrated both of these violations that desecrated the oaths those at the FBI and DOJ took to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.

Even if the president didn’t initially give the orders to conduct these crimes, these crimes amounted to a criminal conspiracy that evidence shows were conducted with his full knowledge.  There is no evidence that president did anything to stop this conspiracy – or those involved in it – from continuing to subvert the rule of law, the spirit of the law, or the long-term damage that would result from it.

That president must now answer for his crimes.  If he isn’t then no one’s freedoms will ever again be protected.

The fact that president was Barack Hussein Obama and not Donald Trump only shines a spotlight on the mainstream media’s intense partisanship.  It would be hard to see how any paid lobbyist could present a more polarized viewpoint. 

Their sins are so egregious that they are forced to ignore what are increasingly earth-shaking revelations of wrongdoing while at the same time dedicating all of their print space and airtime to looking for some crime with which to charge his successor.  A successor who has sworn to drain the D.C. swamp.

While there’s now no denying that they were a rogue group of traitors, the evidence shows they were working with the full knowledge and authority of Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, and President Obama.

Despite the obfuscation from every agency of which documentation had been requested, the Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs found damning evidence of the President Obama’s direct involvement in what can only be characterized as a criminal conspiracy to alter the outcome of an election:

First, a list of documentation that has been kept from investigators following written requests for which date as far back as July 2015:

  • State Department (10 requests for documents ignored),
  • Justice Department (4 requests for documents ignored),
  • FBI (11 requests for documents ignored),
  • Office of the Director of National Intelligence (2 requests for documents ignored),

There were also interview requests that have been ignored dating back to September 2015:

  • Interview request with Bryan Pagliano. (September 4, 2015 request).
  • Interview request with Justin Cooper. (December 7, 2015 request).
  • Interview request with John Bentel. (March 4, 2016 request).
  • Interview request with Marcel Lazar (April 27, 2016 request).

Requests for records from other non-governmental groups were also ignored including those of Clinton Executive Services Corporation made in September 2015.

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