Obama Funeral To Cost The Taxpayers Nearly $3 Billion

The CBO has just released the plan submitted by the Obama administration with an executive declaration that lays out the procedures that will be followed when Obama dies. By law, an executive declaration for a funeral is files by the president while in office and added to the discretionary spending budget for the following year. By tradition, presidents spend between $50K and $250K, with the latter being JFK’s layout at Arlington.

Obama slipped the declaration in on election night so that nobody from the senate would ask for a hearing within the 48 hours before it became law. Now the government has no choice other than to introduce legislation to kill the declaration, which will take the $3 billion from the fiscal year 2018.

The Obama burial comes complete with not just a crypt for him and his family, but an acre of lawn and a giant monument across from the Ellipse on the National Mall. It will be impossible to photograph the National Christmas tree or look out the front windows of the White House without seeing it

The monument itself will be made of solid granite with a bronze statue of Obama standing under an arch. The walls of the memorial will serve as a mausoleum to be used for up to 120 relatives of the Obamas on taxpayer money. That’s right; since they will be buried in a National Memorial they will be buried by the same soldiers who guard the sacred Tomb of the Unknown. Here is the architect’s conception of the project.

The remaining lawn space will be reserved for “people of all faiths to come and pray in a safe space.” The statue will be dead center on the acre of property facing the Capitol Building. The side facing the White House will house a wall of engraved images of his time in the Oval Office. Picture this: To have one letter engraved into solid granite, 2 inches high, costs $42. How much do you suppose a wall Obamurals will cost?

This is one time the Republican party needs to put their foot down. Make sure you pick up the phone and call your rep. Tell him or her to STOP THE OBAMA MONUMENT!