Obama Brats Throw Monumental Tantrum After Taxpayer-Funded Party Yacht SEIZED

Sasha and Malia Obama, best known for being the daughters of the most corrupt president in American history and twerking and smoking drugs at rap concerts like little thugs, had a rude awakening last weekend when federal marshals seized the yacht the girls have been partying on with their friends for the last several weeks.

Documents were previously filed by the Internal Revenue Service demanding that the Obamas show receipts or proof of purchase for the yacht, but they failed to do so in the timeline provided, so federal marshals took immediate action.

On Saturday morning, two dozen law enforcement officials raided the vessel. After evacuating the sleeping occupants, the agents searched the cabin and found several ounces of marijuana as well as pills that appear to be the popular street drug ecstasy and dozens of bottles of hard alcohol amid the piles of vomit and filth. It is not yet known at this time whether drug possession charges will be pressed or what other legal ramifications this poses for the Obama family.

According to a source close to the family who was a dinner guest over the weekend, the girls were quite upset that their little toy was taken away:

Malia has always been the violent one so no one was surprised that she was stomping around and crying and throwing things…just being rude to everyone and throwing a tantrum as usual. They sent her up to her room, but we could still hear glass breaking and loud rap music blaring with the “F-word” every two seconds. Sasha is quieter. She just sat on the couch all night with her iPod and glared at everyone.

Poor Sasha and Malia. I guess you’ll have to stop being druggie freeloading little trollops now and actually go get some real jobs. Americans are tired of your crap and we’re not picking up the tab for your disgusting, immoral luxurious lifestyle anymore. Get ready to throw a lot of hissy fits, girls, because the Trump team is going to take all of your daddy’s other stolen toys away too.