NYC Muslim Terrorist Donated THOUSANDS To Obama Campaigns

On Halloween afternoon New York City became the home to the latest ISIS attack. A 29-year-old Muslim man, who I will not name because he does not deserve publicity, rented a Home Depot truck and mowed down nearly two dozen innocent people. He was topped by a heroic police officer but not before killing 8 innocents and injuring 15. Today we are learning that this terrorist was not just any Muslim, he was a Barack Hussein Obama supporter.

According to a source in the NY FBI field office, the terrorist donated thousands of dollars to Obama’s campaigns for president:

“When we searched his house last night we found copies of checks dating back to 2008 paid to the Obama Election Committee.”

This is not surprising. We have known for years that Barack Hussein Obama supports Muslim terrorists. He even went as far as bringing Muslim prayer rugs into the Oval Office and forced his staff members to chant “Allahu Akbar”. Obama is responsible for the deaths of thousands of Americans overseas.

President Donald Trump is fixing America though. He announced today that he is going to send this terrorist to GITMO and will end the visa lottery that allowed him into this country. Hopefully he will issue an arrest warrant for the former terrorist-in-chief while he is at it.