NFL Just Lost One Of Its Biggest Advertisers!

The NFL has been getting in a lot of trouble in recent days after the protests of their players. These players think that they are getting something done by kneeling during the national anthem. Something needs to happen if the NFL wants to get back to where they once were. But by the looks of it, they have a very long way to go. And now they have just received some even worse news.

Wall Street veterans are now taking their anger out on the NFL because of their protests. “I am going to be flat-out honest — I think the players should be standing up for the anthem. They can lock arms all right, but they shouldn’t be bringing politics into the sport like this,” Chris McCormick, who is a sales trader at a broker in New York.

The NFL is getting a lot of these threats. And it is making the people that matter very angry. There is never an excuse for kneeling during the anthem. The fact that they think this is an anyway a good decision.

“The protests are doing a humongous disservice to those who have died in defense of this land, and in defense of everything we stand for,” he added.

The NFL has been losing advertisers left and right and it will only continue as the weeks go on. The players themselves have shown no interest in stopping the protests. This has lead to widespread boycotts around the country. Many people have vowed to stop watching the NFL completely.

This should help the players and the owners to understand that what is currently going on if not a way to run business. Until they realize that, they will never be able to come back from these horrible protests. This is a total disrespect to those that have served our nation.

If advertisers start leaving, that should put enough pressure on the NFL to change their ways. Profitability will always be at the forefront of what they do.

The NFL has made a lot of people mad. There seems to be something wrong with the way they are doing business.