New shock!!! Muslims Want “Racist” Christian Sign Taken Down: Pastor goes all in…Which President Trump said…

There’s been a small, yet ongoing religious war in the little town of Hood River, Oregon for over a year now with a church’s reader board being vandalized over Muslims and others claiming it’s “racist” because it features Christian messages.

Pastor Michael Harrington says in the last 12 months they’ve had the sign changed nine times to read ugly, and sometimes vulgar things. What began in May of last year as a a peaceful protest on Belmont Drive Sunday in front of Belmont Drive Missionary Baptist Church has turned into a constant assault on church property, with the sign being defiled, letters broken or stolen.

The Hood River News printed a letter from Pastor Harrington who thinks he knows who is responsible, calling them “Christian haters”

Now someone had to come on church property (trespassing), break up and take letters (theft and vandalism) change it to ridicule our God and that is not a hate crime? Answer just one question: when if ever or what has to be done, short of killing a Christian, for it to be called a hate crime against a Christian?

We have spent over $450 in new letters alone. This last time was Friday, May 19. This is what was written on the sign: “God Loves the Sinner But Hates Their Sins.” They changed the sign to read (a vulgarity).

They called my God a bitch and told Him what He could do. I have called the authorities before and this was their reply: “Do you have a cover that locks up the letters so they can’t take them?”

Personally, I think it’s interesting that the townspeople are screaming “racism” and not “Islamophobia.”  The Missionary Baptist Church in Hood River once put up a message on the sign outside their church.  “Wake up Christians, Allah is not our God, Mohammed is not greater than Jesus.”