Muslims Savagely Attack Christians In Sydney Screaming “F*** Jesus” And “Allahu Akbar”

Western politicians have only one agenda in their book at the moment – they are blowing up Muslim countries in order to change a regime, which in turn results in millions of Muslim refugees all across Europe.

The “welcoming humanitarian effort” clearly isn’t helping as many of these refugees are causing serious problems around the world. Most recently, a group of Muslim refugees ripped the cross of a Greek Orthodox man’s neck while shouting “F**c Jesus!” and “Allahu Akbar!”.

According to The Telegraph, the incident occurred on a train, and 4 uniformed officers did nothing to stop it. Of course, Sydney Train defended their actions as they’re not authorized to intervene in the manner.

The police did nothing more than write down the names of the refugees, which caused an outrage in the Orthodox community.

According to Rev. George Capsis, 4 Christian men have companied to him about the harassment in Sydney’s Muslim enclaves.

The most shocking reason is that the attack happened in Australia out of all countries where Muslims try to seek refuge – until the politicians changed the immigration laws of the country, Australia was peaceful and culturally homogenous land.

However, it is now facing the same nightmare as many European countries, where any criticism or action against Islamic refugees is considered wrong and often penalized.

The same thing waits the USA around the corner– now that the country has committed itself to another war in the Middle East, we can probably expect a new huge wave of refugees, and we may be unable to stop it.

The root of the Islamic extremist problem lies in the west and the deteriorating Christian values.

During his tenure, the ex-president of the USA George W. Bush said that it’s better to fight Islamic extremism “over there” so we don’t have to fight it over here.