Muslim Army General Stomps On Flag, Calls It A Training Exercise

When did we start allowing Muslims to be leaders in our army? As we fight a global war against Islam, this is a legitimate question. During World War II, we didn’t fill our armed forces with Nazis and we certainly didn’t tolerate subversive Japanese influences as we fought their mother country.

General Mustafa Arafat Islam has “served” our country for 5 years, finding himself quickly promoted under Barack Obama because he’s a “diversity hire.” But his inherent hatred of our country never disappeared no matter what we did for or gave to him.

“When you see the enemy, you must be willing to do anything to destroy him,” Islam told troops sometime last month during training. “Even if it’s something you don’t like.”

He then grabbed an American flag, spread it out on the ground, and told his soldiers to “stand on the flag.”

Islam began stomping his feet on the symbol of our nation, adding that “you must be unpredictable so that the enemy never knows what to expect. You must be willing to destroy things you hold dear to achieve total victory.”

Three of his soldiers in the Afghanistan training exercise refused to despoil our flag like this and were ordered to do 1,000 pushups each and had their ability to call their families at home revoked “until they can learn to follow orders.”

Unsurprisingly, numerous men and women serving the country that flag represents complained to Islam’s superiors according to Fox News. Unfortunately, nothing will be done about this attack on our country from someone allegedly in a leadership position in the Army.

“We must respect General Islam’s religion and cultural freedom,” a statement from the U.S. Army reads. “He did not violate the law and was attempting to show troops that one must be willing to act in a way they would not normally act to defeat their enemy.”

Only three soldiers followed Islam’s order to stomp on the flag. The rest showed him what America is about and sat down where they were standing. They were all disciplined.

This is disgusting! We should not tolerate this in America! Who’s with me?