MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski Makes Absurd Comparison Of Trump GOP Shooting To Clinton Sex Scandal

In a recent segment, MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski went on an emotional rant against President Donald Trump after the shooting of Republican Congressmen. Apparently, Brzezinski blamed Trump for the incident—even though the shooter was a Bernie Sanders supporter.

“I think that, very carefully, we have to talk about the added dynamic here. Because you have the right and the left – the extremes on the right and the left – you have fake news, you have conspiracy theorists who are really muddying the waters, and we have become desensitized,” explained Brzezinski.

“We also have a president who pushes fake news and conspiracy theories – from birtherism to promoting violence on the campaign trail,” he continued. “I mean, this is the new dynamic here. I’m not putting anything squarely on the president, but I have to say that this is the new added dynamic to what is a very dangerous climate.”

“I know that you’re … on the edge of your seat as I talk about this. I know what I’m trying to say here, and I’ll try and give you a parallel to help you understand: What Bill Clinton did to the issue of sex to an entire generation,” she explained.

“I believe this president is doing on issues of decency, on issues of conspiracy theories, on issues of fake news. I think it’s that simple and we’re desensitized if we even argue it,” she concluded.
Watch the segment below and tell us what you think.