Michael Moore Demands a New Election Over Comey Being Fired

Michael Moore is now demanding that another election be held due to James Comey being fired.

This is just yet another baseless demand for justice in a slew of many others from Moore.

Why won’t Michael shut up and go back to the box of Krispy Kremes he was eating?

“COMEY FIRED! Dirty, corrupt things afoot,” the 62-year-old filmmaker tweeted minutes after news broke Comey had been let go.

“The truth will all come out. The unraveling continues… Hold the election over. Dirty. Corrupt,” he added, later quoting a CNN contributor who called the firing of Comey by Trump a “gross abuse of power.”


“Jeff Toobin on CNN:”This is a gross abuse of power by the President. This is what happens in non-democracies. What kind of country is this?”