Melania Trump Finds Herself Seated Next To Putin At G20 Banquet

Melania Trump found herself seated next to Russian President Vladimir Putin at the G20 Banquet on Friday night. Melania appeared quite at ease even while seated next to Putin who has been portrayed as a rather intimidating figure. However, Melania is linguistically the most gifted first lady the US have had as she fluently speaks 5 languages including German and was able to communicate with Putin with ease.

Daily Mail reported that as someone who grew up in Slovenia when it was part of Yugoslavia, Melania knows many languages, including German, which the Russian president also speaks. Melania and Putin were seen chatting happily, making it clear that they had become good friends already.

This dinner was taking place after German Chancellor Angela Merkel treated her G20 guests to Ludwig van Beethoven’s 9th Symphony hoping to spread her vision with “a hymn to humanity, peace and international understanding.”