IT’S OVER! After The Media LIED About Trump, Geraldo Went on TV & Leaked Their Worst Nightmare

Just days after James Comey’s testimony, Geraldo went on TV with a MESSAGE to the rest of the media. Right after the segment, President Trump SHARED the video on Twitter, which has the media freaking out!

Geraldo is a liberal, but he has had enough of the mainstream media LIES against Trump. He looked into the camera and said 1 thing that nobody saw coming!

While appearing on Fox and Friends, Geraldo explained why Trump has a 0% chance of impeachment. He also BLASTED The media and Democrats for “Wasting the nation’s time” with this impeachment nonsense!

Soon after this segment,  Trump’s deputy campaign manager, David Bosse, went on and defended Trump as well. WATCH what he has to say to James Comey.