Man Who Created Famous Obama Painting Makes One for Trump… The Difference Is Remarkable

Kirsters Baish| Over the last eight months since President Trump has come into office we have seen some amazing changes in our country. We finally have a president in the White House who shows his respect for the soldiers who sacrifice their lives to protect ours. He honors veterans and treats them with the respect they deserve. President Donald Trump truly is a patriot who loves America.

The different between President Trump’s attitude and the attitude of former President Barack Obama is incredible. A painter named Jon McNaughton isn’t shy about letting people know about his opinions on our leaders. He has created a painting of President Trump similar to the one that he had made of former President Barack Obama. There are, however, some serious differences.

The artist showed the world a painting back in 2010 that depicted Barack Obama with all of the former presidents around him at the White House. There was a man in the painting that is described as a “forgotten man.” In the painting it is obvious to see that Obama has turned his back quite literally on the man. Obama is depicted standing on top of our country’s Constitution.

The painting was seen as a highly controversial, but McNaughton didn’t care. He wanted to prove his point that Obama was ignoring millions of Americans and completely disregarding our Constitution.


Conservative Tribune wrote:

McNaughton’s new piece looks very similar, only this time Trump is surrounded by various members of his administration like Secretary of Defense James Mattis, other “forgotten” Americans and the forgotten man is being given some water.

Instead of stepping on the Constitution, in this painting Trump is stepping on a snake. 



“Last year we elected President Trump. He expressed by his words and demeanor what Americans wanted — a man who was not going to bow down to Washington or other countries. A man that would not forget the ‘forgotten men and women’ of this country who elected him,” McNaughton explained in a video about the painting.