Malia Obama Just Said The Most DISGUSTING Thing About Hurricane Victims

Since she’s a princess, Malia obama has been getting the “royal treatment” at Harvard and naturally, the second issue of the school newspaper contained an interview with her. But this wasn’t a fluff piece by any means.

During her talk with Harvard Quibbler editor Joe Smolsteen, the eldest Obama daughter reportedly answered a phone call and, according to Smolsteen, said the words “They all voted for Trump, let them drown” – a remark apparently connected to the victims of Hurricane Harvey in Texas.

“Let them drown,” Ms. Obama? These are good men and woman who just want to live their daily lives without worrying that an act of God will take it all away from them. Someone should remind Malia that many of those men and women whose lives are being torn apart voted for her father, not that this should matter.


The rest of the interview focused on Malia’s future film career and what it was like to live in the White House – “Boring,” according to Obama.

Like mother, like daughter, I guess! Michelle Obama famously complained that she felt tortured living in the White House because it was built by slaves (this is a lie).

The entire Obama family is trash. There’s no other way to say it.