Look What Happened To Ivanka In Italy… This Is Terrible

On Wednesday, first daughter Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner decided to spend a romantic night together in Rome. Early in the night, their date took an ugly turn.

Ivanka and Kushner were reportedly spotted leaving the Parthenon after getting a private tour of the sacred temple. When they left, they were greeted by an enormous crowd who had been cleared away from the tourist attraction by police. As Ivanka and her husband were being led to their motorcade, the crowd booed loudly.

Ivanka nad her husband planned to spend Wednesday night in Rome before flying back to Washington D.C.

“The plan was always for them to go back to D.C. after Rome, as Jared helped plan and oversee the first part of the trip built around the theme of speaking to three of the world’s biggest religions in Saudi Arabia, Israel, and Rome,” a White House official said.

Watch the video of the incident below and tell us what you think.