Londoners took to the streets and chanted “Donald Trump, We Love You!”

After another horrible terrorist attack in England, the world is in tears. President Trump sent out his prayers and well wishes to the victims in the UK.  He also reiterated the importance of the Muslim Travel Ban.

Londoners took to the streets and chanted loud and clear who they supported.  Nope, wasn’t their own mayor.  In fact, they chanted “Donald Trump, We Love You!” Why? Because he is the one to stand up and say enough is enough and that there needs to be an end to terrorism.

London has spoken.  They want an end to the scare tactics and tragedies that have stuck them.  Their mayor is not even admitting to the large problem at hand and they are reaching out to someone who will stick up for them.  President Trump is their only hope.

President Trump is not only a leader to our country, he is a leader to others as well as you can see what has happened in London.  They see his qualities and his desire to end the terror.  He is respected and loved by so many.

Trump needs our continued support!  Please share and Comment “Donald Trump, We Love You!”