Liberal Troll Paid $100K For Nancy Pelosi Drug Bust Hoax

A liberal troll has admitted to being behind the hoax involving Nancy Pelosi and her “two daughters.” Pelosi, who has four daughters, had nothing to do with the hoax or drugs of any kind and wouldn’t comment other than to say, “what can I tell you…conservatives will believe anything.”

That’s the entire point, according to the troll responsible, who goes by the name “Chicken and Waffles for Equality”:

“There’s nothing better than trolling around in Conservaturdia and finding someone using the Pelosi girls as yet another reason to hate Democrats. They’re shitty parents. Then you get to show them — and everyone watching — that Pelosi ACTUALLY has four beautiful, successful daughters she can be very proud of rather than the two figments of my imagination that smuggle drugs and sell out their entire party for a plea deal.

The best part is, I changed their names in every single article and still you idiots never caught on. You’re quick to call anthing that makes Trump look bad “fake news,” but when a troll op comes your way, you never cease to disappoint.

Now I get to go buy a new toy on your dime. Mr. Soros demands it.


George Soros has once again purchased some chuckles at the expense of true patriots. It’s no big deal, though. In the end, everyone knows Pelosi is guilty and Clinton is behind everything.