Kellyanne Conway Just Revealed What REALLY Happened The Night Hillary Clinton LOST To Trump!

This is the best Hillary-bashing I have seen since Nov 8, 2016! Kellyannce Conway just today revealed the TRUTH behind Hillary Clinton’s concession phone call to President Trump. (Remember, because she was too scared or drunk to concede in person?)

You see, apparently, Clinton was so cocky that she basically called the election for herself the NIGHT before.

“Robby Mook (Clinton’s campaign manager) had agreed the night before through an email to me that within 15 minutes of the AP calling the race for Secretary Clinton, they would wait 15 minutes and then she would take to the podium and declare victory.”

“So he was basically saying that you have 15 minutes for Mr Trump to get out there [and give a concession speech] or she’s going to declare victory either way. (WINK)

And then he said in the event that Mr Trump wins, Secretary Clinton will call him within 15 minutes of the AP.”

Hahaha! Oh, but it get’s so much better. That night, Kellyanne got a phone call from Huma Abedin. Huma said Clinton wanted to speak to President Trump and asked if he was around. Kellyanne was like OF COURSE!

“So that was just really a remarkable moment and I think it was a remarkable moment for anybody, any David fighting a Goliath, frankly.”


Of course, we all remember how Hillary then humiliated herself by forcing Trump to give his victory speech before her concession because she was just a broken woman. SAD…NOT!!!

Look, I love Kellyanne, you love Kellyanne. Let’s show Kellyanne Conway some love and Share this perfect, fairy-tail story everywhere!