Kathy Griffin Gets Rug Pulled Out From Under Her – It’s All Over Now

Last week, ‘comedian’ Kathy Griffin took things to a new low when she participated in a photo shoot where she was depicted holding President Donald Trump’s severed head. After receiving immense bipartisan backlash for her grotesque public stunt, it appears Griffin’s career could be over for good.

According to reports, seven venues have canceled on Griffin since the scandal broke—effectively putting an end to her upcoming tour. The final cancellation came from Uptown Theatre in Napa, where Griffin was scheduled to perform in just a few weeks.

CNN also fired Griffin from their annual New Year’s Event program, and Senator Al Franken canceled an appearance he was scheduled to make for his book tour.

Of course, Griffin is already attempting to play the victim and attack Trump for attempting to destroy her career and censor ‘art.’

Maybe she should have thought about the consequences and who she was messing with before she did something so disgusting. Do you agree?