Just Before NSA Leaker Was Arrested, See The DISGUSTING Thing She Got Caught Doing

It has been reported that a contractor for the Federal Government has been charged with leaking highly classified NSA report to the media, The Intercept.

The New York Post is reporting Reality Leigh Winner was arrested in Georgia for leaking the top secret information that reportedly shows how Russia tried to “hack” voting systems. She had full security clearance and was trusted with highly confidential government secrets.

Before her arrest, Winner took to Twitter and posted support for the Iranian government and much more. 

Winner, going by the name of Sara Winners on Twitter, called Trump a ‘Tangerine in Chief’ and asked Kanye West to wear a shirt saying ‘Being White Is Terrorism.’

These are her alleged posts on Twitter:


The Trump administration on Monday brought its first case under the Espionage Act, charging an intelligence agency contractor with leaking a classified document to a news outlet.

Winner, a Georgia-based intelligence community contractor with a top secret clearance, was arrested on Saturday. She admitted to leaking the document to a news outlet and appeared Monday in a federal district court.

How is it that she was given such security clearance? How was she not monitored more closely? If she was able to do this, who else can or will? 

Winner has been formally charged with 18 U.S.C. Section 793(e) and could be sent to jail for 10 years.

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