JUST IN: AZ Changed 1 Simple Law… Now Muslims Are FLEEING By The THOUSANDS

According to our source Angry Patriot Movement, the Democrats have been using the fact that immigrants are part of what built this country, as an excuse to attack our president’s plans to lower the chance of illegal entering in the United States. But, as I said before the have failed to take into consideration that today’s illegal immigrants are very different from the founders of this state.

Recently, the state of Arizona reported that the Muslim refugees that have entered this country, seeking shelter and help have changed the focus of their immigration. Instead of seeking refuges, Muslim refugees are now focusing on wealth. As the Phoenix New Times informed us, after the U.S. terminated every beneficial income for the migrants who are willingly unemployed, they have been fleeing the state of Arizona.

While former President Barrack Obama was still in the White House, Somali refugees have been greeted warmly in this country, and every state had no choice but to accept them and threat them as they were new residents. Every single one of those refugees even received a sum of 925 dollars of taxpayer money.

When the federal funds were terminated, the state of Arizona refused continue the payment. In order to continue receiving financial support, the refugees would have to start learning the English language and find work. You know, like a normal U.S. citizen. But no, instead of trying to improve their life, seek employment and learn the native country’s native language, they would rather flee. Moronic.

Knowing the English language and attempting to financially support yourself and your family is something that every U.S. citizen has to do. What makes the refugees any different? It seems that the liberals have forgotten what the real purpose behind accepting refugees was. To shelter them and help protect them. The rest is up to them. The majority of the refugees are more than capable to learn, work and try and provide food and water for themselves and their families. That is not our job.