James Woods Takes Action Against Man Who Threatened Him Over Twitter

We are talking about James Woods and an issue he came upon this previous week. According to Conservative Tribune, a critic didn’t think through what he was doing and found the wrong guy to mess with.

Apparently, Woods was threatened over his Twitter account, publicly. He didn’t keep calm as someone else might’ve, and he quickly tweeted himself:

“So I’ve been directly threatened with violence. Let’s see if @Jack and @Twitter will actually do anything if a conservative is threatened.”

“Forgot to mention it was across a state line and in response to a political statement. That would be a violation of my civil rights. @FBI”

He tagged the FBI so it gained more value between users, and also because it was a federal offense.

It is even comical how the man who threatened James was dumb enough to give out his personal information:

“The guy threatens to bash my head in on @Twitter and then links to his @Instagram account with his bike with his license plates. #Idiot”


Twitter quickly reacted and the man’s account was suspended. It would further be investigated by the police, who are keen on finding out what actions he was planning to take.

Here’s what was also tweeted:

“His account was suspended. For the record he is Matthew E. Jacob of Manhasset, Long Island. Further info I can give to police would help.

Huntington, not Manhasset. Bad cut and paste. Sorry. Huntington

I’m filing charges with the police in the morning for making terrorist threats and stalking. #MatthewEJacob”