James Comey Taken From His Home By Feds At 3AM

Reports have come in from several sources near the scene that James Comey was taken from his home last night at about 3AM by what appeared to be a very proficient team of federal agents. A neighbor told LLOD’s Skip Tetheluda:

“I saw 4 or 5 black GMC SUVs with US Government plates pull up in front of Jim’s house. I went out to see what they were doing and they told me they were Secret Service and to go back inside and ‘shelter in place.’ Four or five minutes they came out with Jim in boxers and a t shirt, hancuffed with a bag over his head.

The SUV with Jim in it sped away and the others stayed and you could hear them tearing the place apart.”

Comey is, of course, the former head of the FBI who was fired for doing a terrible job. Considering this was the Secret Service, theories emerging say that Comey may have been caught in a revenge plot against Trump, the agency or any number of individuals who turned their backs on him after he betrayed his country.

This is a developing story that will be updated.