Ivanka Just Posted Video With Her Son & Everyone Immediately Noticed 1 AMAZING Thing!

First daughter Ivanka Trump has something big to announce! Her little son Theodore made the first baby steps. The little Theodore will run trough the White House and make grandpa happy. How sweet it was to watch Ivanka and Theodore together making the first steps you will see in the post below:

Ivanka Trump, the First Daughter of the U.S. has just posted a video on Twitter of her son Theodore, who just took his first steps on Wednesday.In the Twitter video, the youngest member of the Trump family can be seen pitter-pattering across the carpet of his home in D.C., with his mom encouraging him to walk and you bet that the video is as heartwarming as they come.



‘Big night for baby Theodore. He took his first steps!’ wrote Ivanka proudly in her Twitter caption.

In the video, she can even be heard coaxing and encouraging her son with ‘Come on, come on’ as he laughs. Then, baby Theo slowly takes a couple of steps as Ivanka is waiting for him, holding her hands out.