Indian Republican Slams Elizabeth Warren, He’s On Mission Take Relieve Her Of Her Senate Seat

Candidates planning to run in the 2018 Senate races are already in pre-campaign mode and are working to establish themselves in the public eye. One candidate, V.A. Shiva, is an Indian Republican in Massachusetts who will be running against Elizabeth Warren.

Shiva emigrated from India at just seven years old. He is already making headlines for calling out Warren for lying about her ancestry.

Last week, Shiva posted a controversial tweet aimed at Warren, challenging her to take a DNA test:



In the video, the candidate says:
“Wow, this is great I just got my 23 and Me DNA testing kit in the mail. All I got to do is send some of my saliva and I will know in a few short days whether I am a real Indian or not.

I want to challenge Elizabeth Warren to do the same. I’m calling this the Real Indian vs. Fake Indian Challenge. Elizabeth why don’t you do this? It’s really, really simple.”