HE’S HIRED: Bill O’Reilly Starting At NEW NETWORK – Fox Furious!

Bill O’Reilly has been fighting his way back into the game ever since being fired from Fox News last month. He has been clear in his words: he is not going anywhere. In fact, he has already started his own podcast. He hopes to turn that podcast into a news service on television eventually. Bill O’Reilly was truly the king of cable news. He had by far more viewers than any other commentator on cable. This was due to his unmatched work ethic and his knack for the truth.

They did not call it the “No Spin News” for nothing. News has now broke about a big chance for Bill to get back in the game. Many conservative TV outlets are reported to be looking at O’Reilly as a potential game changer for their network, and should he be hired, it would help them gain millions of viewers over night.

“Bill O’Reilly has been nothing short of a powerhouse in cable news. We have received thousands of requests to add Mr. O’Reilly to our team,” noted Charles Herring, the CEO of San Deigo’s own One America Network. “I am sure several national cable news networks have expressed strong interest in Mr. O’Reilly, and One America News is no exception, but we have no further comments at this time.”

Could this be pointing at a possible acquisition of Bill O’Reilly? If so, this is huge news and conservatives around the country would be cheering. Everyone knows that eventually, Bill will want back on the airwaves and this would be a great place to start. We know that it would not be about the money for him, as he is set financially.

If he were to come back, the circumstances would undoubtedly have to be perfect.

Source Official : WorldPoliticus.com