HELL YEAH! Look What Just Happened To Loud-Mouth Olympian Who Keeps Bashing Trump!

Instead of a competition between talented athletes with impressive skills, this year’s winter Olympics have been a real spectacle of social justice “heroes”.

Throughout the games so far, the USA team has displayed such an embarrassing behavior as the Olympics has never seen before. American athletes have publicly bashed President Trump on numerous occasions, and have disappointed the nation in a number of ways.

The Olympic medalist, Lindsey Vonn for instance, announced that Donald Trump was not her president and then called herself as “Captian America” on the slopes of South Korea. Shani Davis, the US speedskater, condemned the coin toss as racist because he was not picked to carry the flag, and last  but not least, Adam Rippon the figure skater  who ridiculed the Vice President for his religious beliefs.

But as it turns out karma works in mysterious ways, and now, one of this athletes is paying the price for his reckless behavior.

In the past, the Olympic games were regarded as a festival that brought people together, cheering for the same team. It was a time when families sat in front of TV together to see the country’s best athletes compete against other representatives in hopes to bring home a medal. But that was a simpler time, when people didn’t let politics get in between them. Unfortunately, today, all that is changed for the worse. Everyone is stuck in their own beliefs and everyone has an opinion for everything.

This is also the case with the US’s team for the winter games where people are witnessing some of the most disturbing behavior from our athletes. However, one athlete managed to stand out from the rest and is now paying the price for it.

The openly gay, American figure skater, Adam Rippon has been taking shots at the U.S. Vice President Mike Pence on every possible opportunity for the past few weeks.

Together with another openly gay American freestyle skier, Gus Kenworthy, Rippon has made it his mission to ridicule the Vice President on the social media, solely for his Christian beliefs.

According to a report from the USA Today: “During the men’s portion of the team figure skating event, Adam Rippon of the United States skated a clean program. OAR’s Mikhail Kolyada and Canada’s Patrick Chan both fell, but scored better than Rippon. My timeline on Twitter went nuts with conspiracy theories and complaints that Rippon was robbed.

Sorry, it’s not that nefarious. It’s actually by design from skating powers that be.

To understand it all, we have to take a trip back to the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, when American Evan Lysacek won gold. The scoring at that time valued clean skating over innovation. Lysacek and his coach Frank Carroll worked the score sheet, taking advantage of 10 percent bonus given to jumps in the second half of the skate. What Lysacek didn’t do was try a quad.

Russia’s Evgeni Plushenko, who performed a quad toe in combination but whose skate wasn’t as clean, was livid. He won the silver medal, but complained that an Olympic champion should do a quad.”

The report goes on to say that the skating world reached an agreement that there was a need for some changes and those changes were made in the  scoring system which from than onward, rewarded skaters who experimented with new interesting techniques. This means that even if a skater falls during their performance, technical judges inspect the details of the fall, whether or not the performer landed before he/she fell, how they landed etc.

According to the USA Today : Falls are still penalized a point, and the grade of execution — a multiplier adding or subtracting based on how well an element is done — is still applied based on how a jump is done.

For right now, skating prizes innovation, and it’s been rewarded by an arms race of quadruple jumps. But after every Olympics, the International Skating Union will look at scoring and how it awards points. Who knows how we’ll be talking about scoring in 2022?

Many people may regard this as a chance, but after the hateful behavior we have witnessed, that seems very unlikely. That’s the thing about karma, if you do bad things, you also attract bad things to yourself.  Perhaps if Rippon was concentrated on winning half as much as he was on his  “social justice warrior” tactics, he would have received better scores, and he would have made his nation proud.

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