Helicopter Used To Break Senator Lindsay’s Killer Out Of Jail Identified

The chopper that dropped a ladder to Mitchell Folsom Newburg, the man accused of changing the medication and assassinating Senator Hal Lindsay, has been identified. As they veered west away from the buildings, a reflection caught a partial tail number that had been painted over.

That tail number led to a small fleet of Blackhawks sold to a Saudi Arabian company along with a dozen C-130 cargo planes. They formerly belonged to CBGD, the parent company of Clinton Foundation Cargo, the shipping service that has been torn to pieces lately with corruption and greed.

This time, the problem is far more than coincidence. LLOD Correspondent Boustata Rolle broke with protocol and approached Bill Clinton while he was fishing on the lake behind the property:

“I told him there was new evidence and he said, ‘Evidence of what, kid? That some Saudi Prince may have sold a chopper I used to own to some bad people? F*ck off.’ With that he gave a wave and we were approached by Secret Service who escorted me off the property at gunpoint.

Before I went on my way I was told that the next time I showed up to harass Mr. Clinton like that that I would never be heard from again.”

That pretty much lays out where the Clinton Crime Syndicate will go. They’ll sell out their Saudi partners and claim ignorance, as usual. Maybe this time there will be enough to tie them to the assassination everyone knows they ordered.