Hannity Death Not A Hoax-Fox Releases Statement

When Sean Hannity took a turn on his bicycle and was hit by a pickup truck, it didn’t seem serious. A little pain and a trip to the ER. When he got there, doctors were perplexed by an internal bleed they could never get ahead of that killed him within hours.

Luckily, there was enough time to get most of his friends and family by his side to say goodbye. As word spread across small social media sites from leaks at the hospital, networks stayed dark. Fox News, whose only real talent left was Sean Hannity, finally released a statement this morning:

“Sean was a part of our family so you’ll forgive us for doing our due diligence last night and not reporting rumors. Those rumors, it seems, are true. We’ve lost one of the greats. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his wife, Jeannie, and his five kids. He will be sorely missed.”

Fox also announced that it will play re-runs of some of Hannity’s best shows until it figures out how to fill this massive hole in the schedule. There is no official word on where or when services will be held or whether it will be an open affair or a private family moment.

Thanks for your years of truth, Sean. God Bless you.