Gordon Ramsay Has His Entire Staff Take A Knee-Refuses To Serve Miami Dolphins Players

Four Miami Dolphins showed up at Gordon Ramsay’s Soho Social Gastropub for a bite to eat after their horrible performance and disrespect for our flag and our country. Linebackers Malcolm Warner and Clyde Vargus along with right guard Jefferson Michaels and left tackle Mutombo Toki Del Fuego were seated at a corner booth.

Ramsay walked over and introduced himself, telling them that he had followed all of the drama on TV, and invited them to join him at the pass for “something special.” LLOD correspondent Cynthia Luwhoe, who was enjoying a French Dip at the time, reported in on what happened next:

“Ramsay had the entire staff gather at the pass and instructed them to take a knee. ‘You are four of the most disrespectfrul young men I’ve ever met, said Ramsay, ‘my staff is better than that; better than you. You won’rt be getting service here tonight. F*ck off with the lot of you.’”
The players responded with idle threats about what will happen to Ramsay the next time he’s in Miami and no less than 4 crude jokes about his Mom, who happens to make fantastic mac and cheese and collard greens. They should recognize.

They left with their feathers ruffled and went into the Hooters next door. Good for you, Gordon Ramsay.