George Clooney’s Muslim Wife Blacklisted By Hollywood After Making Shocking Statement

When Amal Clooney, the Muslim wife of Hollywood A-lister George Clooney, made the brave decision to speak out against ISIS, it came as a surprise for most. Hollywood has seemed so hesitant to address ‘radical Islam’ in any way.

“Don’t let ISIS get away with genocide,” Amal told the United Nations in March. “Killing ISIS on the battlefield is not enough. We must kill the idea behind ISIS by exposing the brutality and bringing individual criminals to justice.”

At the time, Amal was representing Nadia Murad, a Yazidi woman who was captured by ISIS in Iraq in 2014. Murad has been very vocal about the atrocities she suffered while in custody of the group. After being sold as a sex slave and raped repeatedly, Murad started to pray for her own death.

“Why it is taking so long? I cannot understand why you are letting ISIS get away with it, or what more you need to hear before you will act,” Murad said, holding back tears. “So today, I ask the Iraqi government and the U.N. to establish an investigation and give all the victims of ISIS the justice they deserve.”

While her husband has been busy buddy-ing up to Barack Obama, Amal has expressed hope that Donald Trump will finally defeat ISIS.
“The president-elect has said that fighting ISIS is actually a priority,” Amal before the Trump inauguration. “So it may be that there can be progress, and obviously everyone has to respect the outcome of the democratic process here, and we have to hope for the best.”